Location Profile

by Martin Grunwald

Version 1 (January 1, 2020)

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Premium and maybe root required.

This flow switches on a specific volume profile based on your position.
WiFi and cell towers in the vicinity as well as GPS data can be used for this purpose.

The environment can be scanned automatically for a certain time.

The scanned data is written to the following file (block #10: locationsFile):

The file can also be edited manually, but is only reloaded once a day.

The individual profile settings can be edited in the blocks starting from 193. (lastProfile=locationProfile)

Only one scanning method can be used per position. If no position is detected the profile loud is activated.

If a position is found, the search is repeated after about 5 minutes. If no position is found, the search is started again after 2.5 minutes.

If volume settings are adjusted manually, this setting can be locked for up to 24 hours.

A rooted smartphone is only necessary if you want the position data (GPS) to be switched on and off automatically. Otherwise they must be active.

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