Boldify API

by Данила Черных

Version 1 (January 7, 2020)

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This *remake of official* version of Boldify is intended for flow developers.

How to use:
1) Send broadcast "com.kaz.boldifyapi.input" with extras "{"text": textvar, "font": fontindexvar}".
2) Receive broadcast "com.kaz.boldifyapi.output" and get the extras.
3) To get the boldifed text, use extrasvar["output"]

See original here for non-developers:

Version notes:
v1.0 (01/06/20)
• Initial release

Please let me know of any bugs or requests by leaving a review.


🇨🇦 Made by Kaz
🇷🇺 Remake by AirBlow Team


Tags: boldify, bold, bolden, italics, italicise, italicize, strikethrough, strike through, monospaced, fixed width, block, text formatting, develop.