Amazon Lockscreen Ads Remover V4.5 Lite (ADB)

by Gregory Melendez

Version 1 (January 15, 2020)

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As the name suggests this flow can successfully remove ads from Amazon Fire Tablets HD7, HD8, & HD10 models. Before downloading please visit my thread on XDA (linked below) which will go in-depth on how to properly get this script up and running. Thanks for downloading and enjoy the wonderful experience of an adfree lockscreen!

XDA Thread:


Version 4.5 Lite

°Slimmed Down flow to eight blocks.
°Now you need to enable start from system start up so that when you restart the fire device, the adblocker still runs. Go to top left menu > Settings > Run on System Start and check the check box.

Version 4.5:

° Removed support for updater addon flow (See the XDA thread for more details).

Version 4.0:

° Fixed an issue where a extra fiber would start when hiding the Service Notification.
° Disabled parallel launch to prevent the script from running multiple instances of itself.
° Various bug fixes and improved performance/stability.

Version 3.0:

° *Fixed a startup bug that caused the script to function improperly.
° You can now hide the Persistent Service Notification.
° New downloadable add-on for auto-updating script.
° Optimized performance of adblocker.
° Various bug fixes and improved performance/stability.

* Special thanks to XDA member andyk88 and Automate developer Henrik Lindqvist for assisting me in fixing the startup bug! Thank you both so much!

Version 2.0:

° Improved performance and stability.
° * fixed logging, and battery drain issues.

* Special thanks to XDA member jdmegkoupe for his/hers amazing help by fixing the script and preventing it from running continuously, improving battery life, and reducing logs. Thanks so much!

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