by Maxwell Olszak

Version 3 (June 22, 2020)

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Update 1: Fixed broken logic from "typo", sorry.

Update 2: Added some failsafes and redundancy to catch special cases, like Android Auto, that could set it back to the light theme without being caught. It still uses the same passive detection scheme though, so there is no change to the low amount of resources it uses.

Update 3: Restarting your phone now resets the flow from the start and reapplies dark mode in case any recently installed apps needed to have the system dark mode flag to be actively set again to react to it. Not really a change that should affect most users but assures a good UX for those who are affected.
Whether your device requires root, special permissions granted to Automate via ADB, or works with nothing special is completely variable and dependant on your specific model of phone and ROM. This flow forces permanent dark mode on boot and will prevent other apps from changing it. It tries setting dark mode using 3 different mechanisms. If your phone is compatible and Automate is properly configured it'll work.

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