Emergency Family Locator

by Rob Slack

Version 3 (October 22, 2016)

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Set safe words or phrases. When these words or phrases are received via text, your device auto shares your location information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Take care NOT to add the same safe word or phrase twice, as this will cause the information to be sent twice if a text matching that input is received. Garbage in, garbage out!

**Story behind the flow:

After watching a woman get kidnapped at a nearby grocery store parking lot, I started thinking it might be nice to have something my family could use to find me if I went missing for any reason. (Kidnapping, bad car accident, alien abduction, etc.)

We've also used this for high tech hide and seek! Not everying has to be so grim!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback! GPS coordinates are now provided in link form, taking you directly to Google maps! Click away!


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