[V2.2][still free] RadTek's SMS link[for telegram]

by Rad Tek

Version 1 (February 27, 2020)

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This will send all of your SMS messages and incoming calls to Telegram bot you create, thus to your pc.

Simplified tutorial for SMS link, for users that are familiar with Telegram:
1. Create a bot in t.me/BotFather
2. Start a conversation with your new bot
3. obtain your user ID with t.me/InfoInlineBot by clicking start and left button of bot's message
4. paste token from botfather and id from info inline bot into given dialogs

Detailed tutorials:
PL: t.me/RTTtech/17
EN: t.me/RTTtech/20

Creator: t.me/RadTek

NEW in this version:
- won't crash when internet's not connected
- won't crash when sms contains backslashes or other illegal chars
- won't send messages when device is unlocked
- better, cleaner messages
- fixed my english a little bit
- still free, 25 blocks!
- should drain less battery(than 2.0)

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