Dark Theme at Sunset

by Fran T

Version 16 (August 13, 2022)

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This flow will set your phone to Dark theme at sunset and Light theme at dawn.

Works with or without root permission. Without root, in order to be able to turn the Dark theme on and off, its tile must be present in Quick Settings. To see if it is, expand the status bar by swiping down twice, and possibly sideways. If the 'Dark theme' tile isn't present, tap the EDIT or “pen” button, then drag the tile to add it. You can also change the tile text for your non-English language by modifying the block at the top of the flow.

Uses sunrise-sunset.org/api to get today's sunrise and sunset times.

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Note: If you notice an exception in the log, that's normal and is the way the flow determines whether the non-root UI workaround is needed to set the theme. The flow continues to run normally.

o Fix for Android tile UI class update
o Fix solar event delay calculation
o Wait for network connectivity (as when in Airplane mode)
o Add support for Samsung devices
o Improve auto-generated XPaths