📸 Pi Camera (Drive)

by Furtive

Version 2 (March 3, 2020)

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A dummy fast way to take a picture and send it to your Drive!!!

This module uses your camera app of choice to send an image quickly to Google Drive with the option of not saving the picture on your phone.

By default the pictures are saved to your phone, but you can toggle that option in the Settings dialog.

Trigger the Settings dialog by backing out of the camera without taking a picture.

Examples of uses for this are:
-If your selfie taking habits mean that you always get the "low storage" popup but taking photos and then uploading it somewhere else isnt fun for you
-You are in a situation where you need to take a picture but taking a picture might risk you losing your device. The image wont be on your phone, and you can access the image from another phone
-If you do porn and are a pornstar, you thought of an idea for something and you want to take a picture within a matter of seconds and you don't have time to upload it to your computer.

v1: Release
v2: Just a minor improvement

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