🔒PassProc: Password Failure Procedure (PUBLIC)

by SCPF IntelligentCappy

Version 5 (March 6, 2020)

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🚫 Non-premium!
🚫 No code editing required!
🚫 No rooted device required!


📧 Sends a detailed email with location and video!
🗂 Saves the video on the device, if recovered.If it does not, it will save the video.
🕢 Waits for a WiFi connection if it doesn't have one.
🎚 Allows you to select the number of failed attempts you would like to be the max.
📡 Works on mobile data!

🔧 More coming!

📱 Supports Android 6.0+. Lower versions may be released soon.

I'd recommend that you hide Automate's flow running notifications, or at least on the lock screen.

Please do not reply to the email, unless something is wrong with the flow.

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