Send your phone information to other devices

by Attila Szabo

Version 6 (March 12, 2020)

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This is helpful for example if you cannot use your personal phone during your job, but you can read emails or SMS on other phone (for example company phone).

Your personal phone information can be forwarded to your company's email address ,company phone

Information can be forwarded:
- Missed calls (with the number)
- Received message (with number and text)
- Battery levels (to low 10% or charged up 100%)

Step 1: Chose your information channel (SMS or email or both)
Step 2 in case SMS chosen: Set up contact number
Step 3 in case E-mail chosen: Choose your sender account, and than choose email address where you want to recieve these information.

More function:
- Stop: System stop to forwarded information
- Clear: Set up details cleared. You can set up new emails, numbers.

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