Automatically connect to Bluetooth car radio

by blair reay

Version 1 (March 13, 2020)

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This program makes it so when you leave WiFi your Bluetooth turns on, when your device connects to the car radio through bluetooth it turns the volume up to 100 and plays Spotify automatically.

When you connect to the WiFi again such as coming back home the program checks to see if the Bluetooth is off and if it's not it waits for the Bluetooth to turn off then it stops the music and turns the volume down to 50

This program has audio noises for different events, these noises may not play if you don't have them downloaded to the same places I do on my phone.

It is easy to change what app it plays music from if you want to look through the process, it's near the bottom.

I leave this running all the time, there might still be some bugs too.

It will not play music till it's connected to the radio, this will only play Spotify unless it's changed, this is the fifth or sixth version of the program I've made, there is a good chance there will be problems.

Thanks for checking it out, it's the first program kinda thing I've ever properly made and cared about and I'm rather pleased with how it turned out.

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