#PCH 3.1 - Phone Controller Host

by Sea Sands

Version 10 (April 10, 2021)

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Control your client device to get informations such as GPS location, notification, activity, settings and other device informations.

No Root, No Premium.

This is shell-like command using text editor.
Use text editor that can reload when text changed (I use QuickEdit).
Save the text to execute command.

This flow integrated to:
#PCH - Phone Controller Host
#PCC - Phone Controller Client
•FDC - Flow Dowloads Client
•SFSC - Scan Flows And Statements Client
•GPSLC - GPS Location Client
•NLC - Notification Log Client
•SC - Shell Client
•SMC - Send Mail Client
•SRFC - Scan Running Flows Client
•GSCLC - Get SMS Call Log Client
•FHC - Flow Hub Client
•GSC1 - Get Settings Client
•GSC2 - Get Settings Client
•GSC3 - Get Settings Client
•GSC4 - Get Settings Client
•MSC - Message Service Client
•RASC - Restart Accessibility Service Client
•SSC1 - Set Setting Client

•CNLC - Cellular Network Locator Client
•PBCR - Power Button Client Root
•SSC2 - Set Setting Client
•SSC3 - Set Setting Client

- change the text editor in PCH block 40
- change host and client account in PCH block 2 and 25. make sure to passing the authentication.
- (optional) register to unwiredlabs to get auth token if you want to use CNLC, and change the token at PCH block 55
- start the PCH.
- copy/download PCC and FDC to client device.
- change client account in PCC block 10 (at payload), 18, 23. make sure to passing the authentication.
- Make sure sender and reciever account are correct.
- start the PCC.
- run "fload" from host (see FDC command), wait client to download other flows.
- after import flow pop-up, click "IMPORT". Do the same with other flows.
- done.

*Please make sure to download the same version with other flows for compatibility, otherwise it will not work properly.
*Some commands may not work on all devices, and some commands may need rooted devices to work.
*You can rename the flow, but NOT THE ABBREVIATION, it's an id.
*Due to premium limitation, start and stop flows one by one. some flows splited into pieces.

I am not responsible for any form of abuse.

Default command:

Full command will appear if you run PCH (too long to write here.)

Change Log at:

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