🗼⭐🌐⭐[N⭐D]⭐Cell 🔸tower 🔸localization⭐◀🔸🌐

by Tổng Lão

Version 1 (March 26, 2020)

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▶This flow locates the phone on transmitters. You can configure unlimited amount of regions (name them, and assign transmitters)


In block ⬇🔼49 you can change refresh frequency

In block ⬇🔽39 you can set with what precision the transmitters are saved and read
Root not needed ;)

⭐Ver. 22
+now flow saves only new cell tower not all(reduces size file)
+now all files are saved to "automate" folder
+fixed show location in notification
⭐Ver. 24
+now the region is determined by signal strength(EXPERIMENTAL(doesn't work very well :/) )
⭐Ver. 25
+now the region is determined by name and signals strength from 3 cells(more precision)
⭐Ver. V27
+repair bugs
+rebuild teach system
+rebuild save system
⭐Ver. V28
+add fast teach system (scan cells every 6SEC, can DRAIN BATTERY really fast so u should move on region and after end, turn off teach mode)
⭐Ver. 29
+fix some issues
⭐Ver. V30
+fix fast teach mode
+Performance has been improved
+Now system works even if it is less than 3 cells(can work better on Samsung phones)
-you need to delete created region and teach region again
⭐Ver. V31, 32
+Options for manually adding a tower to the region have been added
✔>>>Ver. V33
The manual addition of transmitters now has filtering results

*This solution may not work with all phones ⬇

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