🚘 Text Message Auto-Reply 😴

by Fran T

Version 7 (March 8, 2022)

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Automatically replies to text messages while you're driving, while your phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, or for a given period of time. It sends your automated reply when someone sends you either an SMS or MMS text message, and they'll only receive one reply during the quiet period. If you use the 'Mute' flows, your phone will also be silenced for the time period you set. If a text message thread is snoozed so that the texting app doesn't show a notification when a text is received, no reply will be sent.

A notification shows when the auto replies will end, who has texted you so far, and how many texts they've sent you. You can cancel auto replies and unmute the phone as necessary by swiping away the notification, or tap on it at any time to open your texting app.

For a mute period, you can choose either a time duration or a time of day when the quiet period ends. For the latter, if you pick a time earlier in the day than the current time, it will end on the following day. The auto-texting flows can overlap each other, and if one stops and restarts without its notification being swiped away (for example while driving), the text counts will continue where they left off. If you set up Do Not Disturb schedules on your phone, the 'Reply In Do Not Disturb' flow will track along with them automatically. The "Mute" flows silence your phone without affecting any Do Not Disturb state.

The Do Not Disturb and Driving mode flows can be stopped individually with the 'Stop DND / Driving Replies' flow.

o Added 'Reset Preferences' flow, added text messaging app choice to accommodate Samsung devices
o Added 'Reply While Driving' and 'Stop DND / Driving Replies' flows, now supports overlapping activities and snooze intervals, tapping the notification now starts the texting app, the texting app is no longer opened automatically if texts were received, replaced the summary dialog with a notification, fixed muting which didn't work on some devices
o Added 'Show Settings' flow, renamed "snooze" flows to "mute", no longer show notification when no texts were received
o Make responding to MMS (group texts) optional