Control phone

by Suntje Schubert

Version 2 (April 25, 2020)

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[Premium][No root]
This lets control your phone remotely with sms. You can get access remotely with a password (default is 1234). You can also remove access remotely and just completely stop the flow from running remotely.

ALL COMMANDS are case and space insensitive. So it doesn't matter if/what capitalize or where you add spaces

To get access you need to send "get access 1234" to the phone.
To change to password you need to edit the function block next to the starting block of the control flow

Current commands are:
Get access *password*
Remove access
Unlock (requires you to program the unlock flow with your password)
Close incognito tabs/close incognito
Stop commands/stop cmds (stops the entire flow)
Is Bluetooth on/Bluetooth status
Bluetooth on
Bluetooth off
Is wifi on/wifi status
Wifi on
Wifi off
Is locked/is unlocked

Open YouTube
Open Netflix
Open Audible

Planned updates: skipping forward and backward, admin access (with admin only commands), removing/adding numbers other than your own (will be admin once I add it), proxy calling/texting, shutting down (might require root, if it does I won't do it), removing everyone's access

Next update (no promises):
Preventing double access (having the same phone number saved twice)

Update log:
V2: I fixed bluetooth and wifi commands as well as the is locked command

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