Autofisher for Minecraft PE

by Punnamaraju Vinayaka Tejas

Version 5 (May 9, 2020)

Download (64 downloads)

Release 1.2

Requires one quick settings tile. Tap "Enable Auto Clicker" tile and then hit "Next" in the dialog box. The "E" key will be sent to any active window at regular intervals specified at the start of each autoclicking session. The flow must be restarted every time there is an error.

For use in Minecraft (to be used with a farm designed for keyboard+mouse controls), make sure Full Keyboard Gameplay is turned on, and the "E" key corresponds to what you want to do - in the case of AFK fishing, it is the Use/Place Block function that must have "E" assigned to it.

For queries, contact u/ASparkI13 on Reddit, AllSparkInfinite#6606 on Discord, or drop an email at

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