System UI Tuner

by EXP

Version 1 (May 15, 2020)

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Have you ever worried, why we can't see exact time on android? Or disable this ugly "do not disturb" icon in status bar?
Well, no more! Because I have found randomly the System interface activity named "Demonstration Mode" (aka Demo mode), if you're partially or fully familiar with android you know that in administrator settings there an Demonstration setting, that will make your status bar look like there's full battery, perfect WiFi signal and etc.
But now, you can do this:
1. Change which icons of activities will be shown in status bar(such as Do not disturb, Auto rotation, WiFi, Ethernet, airplane mode and etc.(you'll see))
2. See Do not disturb dialog with volume dialog(very handy)
3. Direct control of notifications, change notifications urgency level and use Split screen mode not by just long tap on "recent", but swiping up from the button
This flow isn't dangerous, any changes are easily revertable and harmless

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