80% Battery alarm

by Mattia Ziliani

Version 6 (May 13, 2020)

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Play a sound of your choice when the battery reach 80% during charging.


•Version 6 changelog:
- Flow modified so it won't play sound unless the phone it's charging. (To test, let me know if you find other bugs)

•Version 5 changelog:
- Flow modified so it doesn't loop into the sound picker when battery reach 80%.

•Version 4 changelog:
- Now the dialog that appear when you don't pick a file shows directly, you no longer have to click on the notification.

•Version 3 changelog:
- Added file picker dialog when flow starts for selecting the file you want to play when the battery reach 80%.

•Version 2 changelog:
- For selecting a file of your choice you have to edit the flow diagram and find the "play sound" block.

•Version 1 changelog:
- Initial release.

Enjoy It.

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