🗣️ Assistant+

by Ron (McTRASH692)

Version 1 (May 11, 2020)

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A voice assistant.

I can't get the hotword to work on my device but you may be able to.

I have built in a few handy flows. There is the option to be voice controlled or controlled via dialog menu through a quicksetting button. (Remember to activate the quicksetting button, you will need 2 if you want to use the orientation Control function by itself.)

There are blocks and a flow for an automatic VPN switch based on wifi network but the method I've had to use is inefficient and only works for my device.
As I am not on a rooted device I had to use a click method with widgets on my home screen.
I will place some instructions on that flow for those that wish to use it but it will be disconnected from the main flows.

Not sure what else to write here as I was building this for personal use and not planning on distributing it.

Let me know what you think and any suggestions.

(Instruction blocks are: "1380" "1310" "1311" "1313" "1315" "1317" "1319")

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