Car Mode [Premium][Root][Waze][Spotify]

by Jake Schoonbrood

Version 4 (May 27, 2020)

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Toggle Car Mode

Please make sure to update:
- Bluetooth Connect device
- Spotify Playlist Name (Current is called 4AM Drives, just find and replace, will be inside one of the interact boxes)
- Move Waze app to homescreen or replace with App Start block instead of interact if you're not running MIUI Rom.
- Location Check
- Home WiFi
- Stop Flow Block At End

- WiFi Toggle
- Mobile Data Toggle
- GPS Toggle
- Bluetooth Toggle
- Bluetooth Auto Connect
- Automatic Sound Adjustment
- Play Spotify Playlist Automatically
- Call Detection
- Home Detection (Decides to switch to WiFi or Mobile Data when turning off carmode)
- Launch Waze Automatically (Can replace with App Start if not running Xiaomi MIUI Android 9 as its bug. If running this, add a waze icon to launcher home. I did this on nova prime, may need adjustment in interact settings

Please Note, Home Detection may only work with high accuracy enabled, if that still doesn't work, please enable Google Location Api in automate settings

To turn off carmode simply tap the notification in the notification panel!


Version 4:
Added fork to allow to shutdown flow during launch

Version 3:
- Simple Call Detection Implemented
- When started during a call, will connect to Bluetooth but won't open waze or Spotify.
- Toast messages relating to status
- Auto Play Music after phone call
- Temporarily fixed fibre pausing on Bluetooth enabled? Block when bluetooth is already enabled
- Improved stability

Version 2:
Bug Fixes

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