Batterywarning (Alarm) [Non-Premium]

by Marlo Maurer

Version 1 (May 15, 2020)

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A simple fiber to ring the alarm, if a certain percentage is reached.
You also have the option to pause monitoring until the next charge.

The default percentage is set to 95%


After starting the charge, you get a notification, in which you are able to pause the flow. This means it will only continue, if a new charging process is started.
If not paused, the fiber will check the battery every 15 seconds. If the percentage (default 95%) is reaches, it sets a 5 second timer.
Why a timer? I have a Oneplus Phone, which is almost always set to "mute". A simple notification is not alerting me, but a timer does.

How-To change percentage:

The percentage can be set with the variable-block at the flow beginning.
Just change the value from 95 to whatever you want.

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