Whatsapp Archive It V1.0 [Non-Premium] - Samsung

by Wilbur Dsouza

Version 2 (May 17, 2020)

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This is the modified version of 'Archive it: WhatsApp V1.1 [Non-Premium]'

The original automation did not work for me due to many issues and also lack of proper guide. This has been modified to work on Samsung OneUI

I removed most of the blocks which did not work for me and not relevant for me.
However one major issue I faced was clicking the 'Archive chat' button in block 136. This was not working on it's own but works when there is a swiping motion. Hence that has been added as a parallel task.

To make this automation work two things need to be modified:
1) In block 221, modify the content parameters for the Input to match the contact names (case sensitive) in your whatsapp list
Eg: ["John Doe","Bob Smith"]
2) If you are running Samsung's latest OneUI you can ignore this step. However, if not, the steps 213, 212 and 214 are basically to close whatsapp using task manager you will have to modify it. You can either remove steps 213 and 212 and leave 214 as is. If you know how to modify it please feel free to do so

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