Deezer Auto-Play (Premium)

by Azradox

Version 8 (May 14, 2021)

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The flow automaticly starts Deezer and continue the playback, if headset is pluged in or connected via bluetooth and lock display after that.
In case the phone is locked, it will be unlocked with your pin before.

The interact swipe Feature isnt officialy supported and get stucked sometimes. In case auto unlock doesnt work any more, just restart phone.

Onetime setup:
1. Pick your desired bluetooth device in block 161 (right behind new fork) to start Deezer only for this or leave the fields empty to play deezer on any bt device.
2. The four "Interact Click" blocks on left and right side are the display pin code (up to down). Just edit the numbers in "UI element text" und "UI element ID" in all of them, the default pin is 1234.
If you want to deactivate automated phone unlock for security reasons, just connect the red "no" line of "is device unlocked" block 187 on top left with "in" line of "when headset plugged" block 157 at the beginning and the same on right side (block 177 on top right to 161 at beginning) to bypass whole pin code process. In this case remember to unlock phone yourself before connecting speaker device!
3. On block 192 (middle left, wired headset) and 193 (middle right, bluetooth speaker) set the % volume what fits best on your audio device setting.

V1 Initial upload
V2 Optical fix
V3 Optical fix
V4 Fixed unlock issue
V5 Added volume set blocks
V6 Added playback failsave
V7 Playback bugfix
V8 Stability improvements

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