Auto Home Wi-Fi connector

by 민경현

Version 1 (May 28, 2020)

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Do you have several routers in your house🏠? it is uncomfortable😰 to change Wi-Fi every time you move👣 in the house.

💡This flow automatically connects to another Wi-Fi that registered as the "home Wi-Fi" when the current Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Also, when you leave the house, this flow automatically turn off the Wi-Fi.

When you go back to home in 20min. this flow will automatically turn on the Wi-Fi.

1. Start ONLY flow "Start auto Wi-Fi connecting".
2. Configurate your home network. (this setting will be saved AutomateFlowStoage/homeNetworks.txt)
3. Done!

• You can add more home network by flow "add home network".
• You can remove networks from home network list by flow "remove home network".

These two flow can start parallel with flow "Start auto Wi-Fi connecting".

By Min KyungHyun