Alarme that tell you when to sleep.

by DN

Version 1 (June 3, 2020)

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The goal of this flow is to alow you to wake up naturally instead of thanks to a regular clock. This is because when you wake up naturally you are not tired and have a nicer day (it's based on personal assumptions). (I also encourage you to have a consitant bed time, it's easy to sleep by doing so)

You have 2 parameters : 1st is the time you would like to be able to wake up, the 2nd is how much time do you need to sleep (to wake up naturally). This option is set to 9hours by default because it's what most people needs.

The flow automatically creates an alarm on your phone to prevent you 30 minutes before you have to sleep (if you want to have your x hours of sleep)

I hope this will be useful for some of people. Have a nice day! 😉

Note that I have tried to keep the flow as simple as possible, so to adapt to your needs, read the following tips :
1) you can change the default sound of the alrme within the flow it self. (it's in the last block)
2) if you would like to have an alarm may be not 30 min but 45 min before to go to bed. You will need to change the equation (also in the last block) : "(wakeup - sleeptime + 3600 * 24) % (3600 * 24) - 3600 * 0.5" by (wakeup - sleeptime + 3600 * 24) % (3600 * 24) - 3600 * 0.75"'you may have understood that the change is the 0.75 (instead of the 0.5) at the end its obviously because 45 min is 0.75 hours!

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