∇2: Automate File explorer # Simplorer v3

by lighfu

Version 1 (June 18, 2020)

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< Flow >
✨You can now manage app data for "Automate".

Based "▽GUI / Simplorer ( FILE Selector ) v2"

・File & Folder Selector.
・Simple File Explorer. [Delete,Rename,Clipboard,Copy,View]
・Can be linked.

😼 Suggestions for improvement are very important!

Layout preview:https://bit.ly/2MYPxnf
When pasting:https://bit.ly/2MTWZ36
Home Icon(That plan):https://bit.ly/3dYC6zQ
~~ Overview for remodeling

< Input >
→BLOCK ID :93 (Start File Path)
Write the path like this.
Ex, BaseUri ++ "/Download"

When no folder is specified,
Ex, BaseUri ++ ""
Ex, BaseUri

・BaseUri string
Ex, "/sdcard" , "/storage/emulated/0" ...
[Root Only] Ex, "/system" , "/data/data"

Specifying the standard root path
→BLOCK ID :95 (Variable set)

< Output >
→BLOCK ID :137 (Toast Output)
You can select files and folders by pressing the check mark. (Up to one)

→BLOCK ID :134 (Content View)
It is executed by pressing the file name.

< Bugs >
Some characters, such as ' " , cause problems displaying dates and sizes.

Fixed > Exists but does not exist (Directory)

< Tip >
・If loading is slow, System restart or optimize memory.
・Changed the way we handle "URI". I'm tired.
・Please use freely!

# When you run it for the first time, the files required for execution are downloaded.
# If the previous component exists, it will be deleted And New Component File Downloaded.

ver 1
・ First Release

ver 2
・ Speed ​​up reloading after clipping.
・Added & Changed & Fixed GUI.😊
・Added "About"

ver 3 (Update)
・[New] Copy & Simple View(Eye Icon)
・Improved "Nothing to show" behavior
・HTML changes

ver 3(.2)
💠URL processing has been integrated with "Base64" and "EncodeUri".
・This partially solved the problematic process.
・Fixed internal code
・"Flow" has been organized.

→plans 😺 It updates rarely.
Fix some existing bugs, Layout tuning.

☺️Thanks using this tool❗

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