🚗📶 Car Dock Bluetooth/Motion/Toggle [HS]

by Hub Space

Version 5 (June 24, 2016)

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Latest update 25. Juni 2016
Manage your driving mode. The most people would disable Bluetooth in default mode, so this flow use motion detection to turn on Bluetooth while driving. This is always related to a delay of up to 2 minute. So this flow also detect when Bluetooth is turned on manually and connected to a stored Bluetooth device. As fallback it is possible to toggle car mode by a homescreen shortcut.

This Flow by default just enable and disable the car mode and enable Bluetooth. Futher functionality is add dynamically by link other flows.

You can create your own flows and have options to start and stop them.

I would suggest to look for my other flows to include. A very nice flow for driving mode is "📢📩 WhatsApp - Speak Notification [HS]". Just add the WhatsApp flow within this flow. The option for start and stop should be:
- Stop connected
- Start connected
- Stop disconnect

The first stop connected prevent multiple starts(It is not even possible cause it is a single launch only flow, but this setting prevent the warning toast).

With adding my "📴⏳ Bluetooth Auto off [HS]" flow, Bluetooth is automatically turned off when you leave your car. Just add with:
- Stop connected
- Stop disconnect
- Start disconnect

Useful flows:
📴⏳ Bluetooth Auto off [HS]
📢📩 WhatsApp - Speak Notification [HS]
🎤📩 SMS Speech Recognition Reply [HS]

There are also flows in my private storage to reply a call, but they are based on german language, so I will publish them in a few days.

- Version 2 Bugfix connect to Bluetooth device
- Version 3 added NFC. When a Flow no longer exists(cause user delete the flow), remove the flow(uri link) in this flow and file too.
- Version 4: Code Refactoring and new main
- Version 5: Bugfix(second device and Device disconnect seems not detected reliably), skip testing but I hope it works fine now. :P
It is now possible to run both main fibers(motion and power) at the same time.

- More modularity, use payload

- I am absolutely sorry. Add a second device works, but the current flow try to connect to all devices and if some device isn't available it disconnect and reconnect all devices...
I will come with a update next week, until it is fixed don't add a second device.
- Device disconnect seems not detected reliably

*I am not liable for your accidents during using this flow 😵🚑*

- - - -
Have a look on my other flows. Search for '[HS]'.

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