Focus and sedentary reminder

by Jean-Philippe B├ęgin

Version 3 (April 7, 2016)

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This flow will remind you every 15 minutes to change your focus if you are using your phone/tablet for too long. It will also remind you to wake up and get a walk every hour. The Google Clock app will automatically be launch so you can set timers and stay superduper-productive. Dont forget to stay healthy folks! ;)

* Your device will automatically be lock by this flow when you launch it. This is intended and used to set your reminders timers correctly.

Please leave feedbacks/bugs/ideas and rate this flow if you like it. When I'll have the time, I'll try to set variables with timestamp of when the screen wake up then it will be more stable and it will eliminate false alert. Any ideas on how to do it without variables will be appreciated since Im a noob Automate user. Thank you