Wi-fi Mapping

by lighfu

Version 1 (July 25, 2021)

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Note: This is a prototype.
Record the location of the outside Wi-fi.

This is a Flow that detects Wi-Fi around and records it along with location information.

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[Flow] https://bit.ly/2YArMZm
[Screen] https://bit.ly/384TOiV

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👉Why I created this

This is to detect the location of Wi-fi and use it as a trigger.
It's scary to always enable location information. So it's a Flow like an assistant that allows you to find your approximate location using Wi-Fi location without using GPS location information.

😺How to use
1, Grant the required permissions for this Flow.
2, Enable location information.
3, Flow: [Scan Always] execute.

⚠️ The screen must be lit at all times to detect wi-fi at all times.

☝️You can view the report at any time.
1, Flow: [Report view] execute.
2, Specify the scope of browsing.
(If you don't understand it, you don't need to set anything.)

Apparently, the accuracy of detection seems to improve when using the Wi-fi detection function of other applications

FLOW:[Report view]

Q, Why do we have to specify the start and end positions of the analysis?

A, This is because it consumes a lot of memory and can cause crashes.

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