VLC CAST Hotspot Hack (ROOT)

by Alexander Blæhr

Version 1 (July 1, 2020)

Download (68 downloads)

Updated feb 13,2019 - Version 2
Hack for VLC 3.0.13 to Chromecast when using your same phone with mobile hotspot for internet connection on chromecast device.

*** note: VLC versions 3.0.9x (betas) have bugs and gives file dont exist errors trying to cast videos!
Stable Version 3.0.13 works.

*ROOT, XPOSED, & FAKE WIFI REWORKED xposed module is required for this hack to work, and must be configured properly! See notes below.

Basically, if you start HOME app, then start VLC, a cast button will appear, but only when FAKE WIFI xposed is setup properly for VLC, so if this script dont work, force stop HOME & VLC then start Google HOME 1st, next open VLC and cast button should appear shortly after.

Note: VLC is very quirky using this hack method.

HOME and VLC must be KILLED before starting HOME and VLC again for cast icon to reappear... this flow does all that for you.

*Requires root & xposed Fake Wifi Reworked module, must have google Home app installed (chromecast)

VLC background play might need to be PIP mode if you minimize vlc or switch to another app and video disappears from TV.

FAKE WIFI Reworked settings:

Must select both VLC and HOME in the xposed FAKE WIFI REWORKED module.

VLC will not cast using mobile hotspot without faking wifi connection ( because hotspot is NOT the same as WIFI in android! )

(1)Hotspot name = name of hotspot in android system wifi settings
(2)mac addresses = mac of wifi, found in system settings