Airplane Mode [Interval]

by Xur Nien

Version 1 (September 15, 2021)

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Turns airplane mode on and off at set intervals. (Default is 10 minutes on, 1 minute off)


This flow can be useful for allowing or blocking messaging and calls during set times.


When starting the flow a dialog box should appear, this dialog helps to keep airplane mode from turning on while internet is in use..

Pressing "Continue" will close the dialog and turn airplane mode on. "Stay Off" pauses the flow and saves dialog settings, stoping airplane mode from activating (flow can also be paused from notification).

To keep dialog timeout from adding to ON delay (time airplane mode is active), press "Subtract dialog delay (from "On" timeout)". The dialog can be turned off with "Don't show again" button.

Note: The dialog closes/continues after 5 seconds (by default). Default timeout can be changed from the "Change timeout" button, To resume flow after saving, tap "⏸️PAUSE" then "▶️PLAY" in notification.


Change interval settings or pause flow from Notification panel (tap notification).

Intervals can be set as Seconds, Minutes, Hours (S-M-H), or time (1:00 - 12:00 AM/PM). Time format can be written without ":" colon (123p) or without "AM/PM" (anti/post meridian) abbreviation (1:23), Note: if abbriviation is excluded, time defaults to AM.

"ON" - sets how long or when Airplane Mode is active.

"OFF" - sets when and/or how long airplane mode is inactive.

ON (10:00 PM) OFF (7:00 AM) - Airplane Mode activates at 10 PM and turns off at 7 AM (blocks network activity at night).

ON (10:00 PM) OFF (9h) - Airplane Mode activates at 10 PM for 9 hours (Same as 7:00 AM).

ON (10) OFF (10s) - Stays on for 10 minutes and turns off for 10 seconds (time is in minutes by default).

Note: Airplane Mode stays on until "OFF" time is reached, If "ON" is not also set to a time of day.


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