Corona App Bluetooth Enabler

by Max Mustermann

Version 7 (June 26, 2021)

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For the german corona app

-Activates bluetooth when leaving home
-checks status every 5 minutes to save energy

Be sure, to add your home ssid (WIFI) in the flow!

When you are at home (wifi), you can disable bluetooth, and the flow don't turn it on until you leave your home


- Bugfix: Airplane mode query halted the flow. Sorry!

- Airplane Mode prevents enabling bluetooth.
But it doesn't turn off activated bluetooth.

- If plugged into a socket it counts as being at home => you can turn of wifi and bluetooth as you wish.

- When you are at home and it's between 10 .p.m.and 7.a.m. and your phone isn't connected with any bluetooth device, bluetooth will be disabled. (If you don't want this, simply cut the subroutine 'new' connection.)

- Added Airplane Mode: If airplane mode ist enabled, this flow is paused. You can also use this feature, to disable WIFI and BT over night. (e.g. manually or with another flow)

- Delay is now on last position

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