Deliveroo - add item from restaurant

by Um A

Version 1 (July 25, 2020)

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Automatically launch deliveroo app, and add your favourite item from your favourite restaurant to the basket. Leaves you on the confirmation page so you can verify your order before proceeding.

This is a template you will have to customise.

Begin by customising the 3 variables at the beginning of the flow for your delivery location, restaurant name and the item you want to order.
- location: this must be the name of a saved place from your deliveroo orders. If the currently selected location does not match your variable, you will have to manually select it from the list

Once the item is selected, this flow also adds cheese and makes it a meal.

The Deliveroo app must be installed and Location must be enabled on your device.

Note: this flow is dependent on the deliveroo app at the time of publishing. Updates made to the deliveroo app may break this flow at any time.