A Simple Drive/Navigation tool

by Robin D'cruz

Version 1 (August 1, 2020)

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25 Blocks of non premium simplicity!

Listen to simple road alerts while driving with device screen off. Automatic on/off based on acceleration. Reminder keeps vibrating until the device is picked up immediately after vehicle comes to a standstill and the ignition key is removed or switched off so device may not be forgotten in the vehicle.This feature is currently set assuming the device is roughly positioned horizontal while driving with screen/face side up or down. The device prompts "Stopping Navigation" when it detects the journey is over. Then it starts to vibrate indefinitely if left in the same position and when picked up stops vibrating. For other positioning situations adjust device orientation and tolerance at Blocks 175 and Block 179. Disables Wi-Fi after leaving home and enables again upon returning home. Good for users who use only mobile data while outdoors.

In device Settings --> Wi-Fi preferences --> check option "Wi-Fi turns back on automatically" to "on".

Keep the flow always active as it sits in passive mode and does not use any resources or power until a new location is detected. The navigation only activates if display is off and device in locked state. When flow is active the device automatically detects if you are on the move and prompts "Starting Navigation". If navigation is required respond by waking and unlocking the device within 7 seconds. If navigation not required the prompt can be ignored and navigation will abort. The flow will reset with a termination notification sound.

1. Preferably a rooted android device. May work on some unrooted devices too.
2. Waze App installed. In Waze settings --> General --> Prevent auto-lock --> Disable
3. Automate superuser and conectivity permissions(will be automatically installed during process)
4. De-activate all battery saving features such as " Battery saver", "Battery optimization", other battery saving apps, etc.

User parameters:
Block 61 - set distance travelled before prompting to start navigation (currently set to 250 meters)

Block 138 - Configure or set home Wi-Fi SSID/Name if preferred or leave blank if all available open Wi-Fi connections are allowed to be connected

Please feel free to explore, investigate and fine tune other relevant blocks for optimal use according to user specific requirements and driving conditions..Good luck and enjoy!

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