🔸1 Block Calculator

by ifritdiezel

Version 1 (August 18, 2020)

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A fully functional calculator compressed into 1 "Dialog input" block (not counting flow beginning as it doesn't take part)!
It supports 4 operations: +, -, x, / and you can easily add more!
There is also a short documentation included inside the block, check it out!

• This flow could be used as an example of dense automation — dramatically reducing the amount of blocks by using operators such as "Conditional ?", "Or ||", dictionaries and functions. "What could be done inside, must be done inside"

• Please note that multiplication sign is "x" and not "*" due to glob issues.

• Please contact me by email ifritdiezel@gmail.com or by discord ifritdiezel#9670, flow reviews aren't a good way to chat

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