Anti-ads (21 blocks)

by Maarten Oudijk

Version 2 (August 19, 2020)

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No premium, no root.
This flow disables advertisements in mobile games the brute-force way, by turning off WiFi.
Whenever you launch or switch to an app that is on the list, it turns off WiFi for as long as you are in said app, and re-enables it automatically the moment you leave the app or lock your phone.
The list is stored as a file, so no need for editing the flow or re-entering the list on a restart. The list can be edited manually or with another flow (found here:

NOTE: if you have a mobile data plan you need to make sure the apps you are choosing aren't allowed to use said data, otherwise it defeats the point, and may cost you extra in the proces.

V2: Small fix where it would get confused when quickly switching apps, or if apps temporarily accessed Google play (Tomb of the Mask in particular).