⛔ App Internet Blocker

by Fran T

Version 14 (September 1, 2022)

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Disables Wi-Fi and Mobile Data to prevent Internet access while certain apps you specify are running. Works with or without Root access.

The flow detects whether the UI is needed to do the setting by checking for an exception from the Wi-Fi and Mobile Data Enable blocks during setup. In order for the UI method to be able to turn Wi-Fi and Mobile Data on and off in Android Oreo and above, those tiles must be present in Quick Settings. To see if they are, expand the status bar by swiping down twice. If either tile isn't present, tap the EDIT or “pen” button, then drag the tile to add it.

Note: If you have logging enabled for the flow and notice an exception, that's normal and is the way the flow determines whether the non-root UI workaround is needed to enable and disable Wi-Fi and Mobile Data the first time it's run. The flow continues to run normally.

o Workaround for change in behavior of Wi-Fi Set State block, update for Android 11
o Improved app list management; update for Android 11 app launcher behavior; improved stability of Wi-Fi setting when using UI; improved reliability of clicking on Quick Settings tiles; now saves settings to a file; added "Show" flow
o Fix restoration of network settings when they were initially disabled
o Added support for Samsung devices
o Catch failure caused by Automate not waiting for the Accessibility service to start after reboot
o Improve Wi-Fi API check (Samsung phones re-enable Wi-Fi when it's disabled via the API)
o Restore Internet when the user exits to the desktop
o Desktop detection is now immediate for Samsung and Pixel devices
o Improved app list management