Bright but non-Premium

by Dummi26

Version 1 (August 19, 2020)

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⚠️ I think non-Premium supports 30 blocks, if it's 25 this won't work.

Simple version of the "[T] Bright" flow with less than 30 blocks

🟩 In this version / 🟥 Only with premium

🟩 Set auto-bright by setting brightness to minimum

🟩 Set auto-bright when unlocking phone

🟥 Customization (only changing the "custom" brightness multiplier in the flow, no further customization availible)

🟥 Set auto-bright while screen off (--> Affects lock screen)

🟥 Change brightness without any triggers (If the ambient light level changes, basically the default auto-bright on your phone)

🟥 Use a home-screen widget to turn it on or off (only availible in: )