[OBSOLETE] Instagram LikeUp 2020 - v1 [ASflows]

by Andrea Sabatino

Version 4 (June 23, 2021)

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🚀 Top 2020 flow for Instagram automation!🚀

**** News ****
- 11/10/2020: OBSOLETE FLOW. NEED V2 after last Instagram GUI update
- 13/09/2020: After 10th 5-star review, start v2 dev.
- 06/09/2020: Added tester flow, to understand if it can run on your device. Ensure all permission are checked. To set "access screen content" one, go to settings/accessibility/installed services/automate and set it to ON.

Reach your potential followers automatically: leave likes, wait for like returns, remove likes.

How it works?
This flow is designed to automate your touches on the screen for Instagram Like 'campaign'.
A Campaign is a set of like across different profiles, grouped by topic. Same for Unlike.

How to use?
User chooses one topic, how many profiles follow and how many likes per profile to apply. Instagram app opens. Search page opens. User topic is searched. Start scrolling profiles and posts. Follows and Likes are applied to them. Desired quantities are reached or timer stops: campaign ends. Flow stops and redirects you to your Instagram profile page, to see a resume of current followers.

- Smart search: skip profiles already liked and private profiles
- Setup tool: get parameters dedicated to your phone form factor
- Safe structure: lock the phone or set a timer to stop it
- Configurability: topic, number of likes, number of followers, program speed, timer, like/unlike campaign

Supports 'en' and 'it' languages. If you need another language, please change 'ui text label' in blocks 70, 125, 129, 228 according to yours ui translated text!
Instagram must stay in foreground until flow stops.
Needs Android 7+ and asked permissions (not 'Read app usage statistics').
Need Automate Premium.

Try lower speed at the beginning (like 3 seconds between actions).
Fully tested on Galaxy A50 en/it.
For different form factors, try the Setup flow, a quick wizard to set search bar position and scroll % for your specific phone.

Just lock the phone to interrupt the flow.

Mail Object: ILU

If you like it, leave a comment with your device name!

At the end, consider that your succes is based also on your content quality and creativity.



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