Version 3 (November 18, 2020)

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Free, 20 blocks
Warning: fast log creating, you'd like to turn logging off(i'm not pushing to turn it off if you don't trust me or my flows)
Just a status notification for battery🔋, can be used if you can't turn on percentage showing or you want full status about battery and even if you don't have battery icon

1. Battery percentage tracking
2. Charger tracking
3. Power saver mode tracker
4. Update delay, now ranging from realtime update to 1 minute delay
5. Temperature tracking
Newâś…: 6. Battery technology

Coming Soon🔜
1. Battery life(if i'll ever get to know how to interpretate that numbers)
2. Failsafe function?
3. Even less blocks?
4. Automatic self update?

if you have any questions or suggestions contact me at
Or in WhatsApp by +79010405464

Vers 1: initial version
Vers 1.1: added a little guide and remade update delay
Vers 1.2: added temperature tracking in °C + converting °C(Celsius) to °F(Fahrenheit)
Vers 1.3: Battery technology, reduced amount of blocks down to 20(25 was earlier)