Darkmode for Squid Notes. May require ADB. Tab S6.

by Max Mustermann

Version 1 (August 30, 2020)

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Inverts Screen color whenever Squid is in the foreground. Deactivate Animations for this to work efficiently.

If the script cant run, Automate requires permission to change Security Settings (Invert color) from a PC. For this, search "ADB" in the internet, first result.
1. Download Platform-Tools package
2. Extract zip file on Desktop, a folder named platform-tools
3. Open said folder and copy file location
4. Open cmd.
5. Type in: "cd" and your folder location behind it, (not together) like: cd C:\users\whatever\.....\platform-tools
6. Press Enter
7. Connect Android device via usb and enable usb debugging beforehand.
8. type in command: adb devices and make sure your device is listed.
9. type in: adb shell pm grant com.llamalab.automate android.permission.WRITE_SECURE _SETTINGS
10. If nothing but another command line appears, you were successful.

If this guide is faulty, you will find information everywhere aswell.