More advanced auto touch

by An Danh Pham

Version 3 (September 2, 2020)

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A little more customizable auto touch with 28 blocks.

How it works: Automatically repeat a touch sequence. You specify the touch locations in the sequence, and it automatically repeats until you stop.
E.g. You want to tap A then B then C then repeat A, B ,C, A, B, C,...

How to set up:
Please enable Developer Options first!

1) Press Volume Up to enable Show Pointer Location and start configuration.

2) You will be asked for:
- How many touches in a touch sequence?
- Location (Xi, Yi) and delay time of each touch in the touch sequence (location from 0% to 100%, delay in seconds).

3) After all input, prepare your screen and press Volume Down to start.

4) Tap anywhere or turn off the screen to stop the flow.

Show touch location are auto enabled and disabled.

Flow created by Quang from HCMC, VN.