?HELP ME? Baby-Monitor - Alarm if noise is to loud

by Max Sch├Ądel

Version 1 (September 7, 2020)

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I really need to get this Flow working, because I don't wake up when my twins start crying next to me...

This Flow is part of bigger flow with a lot more functions (I will upload it, as soon as it works perfectly). I cut this part out because I have some problems with the "Stop Fiber".

First I should explain what I want to do...

If the "Sound level?" Block detects 4 noises over 55 db within 20 seconds a alarm should de initialized. If an acceleration is detected, the fiber starts again.

The problem ist, that if the delay timer processes, the other fibers get not stopped correctly by the "Fiber Stop"-Blocks 278 and 386. So I'm am getting more an more fibers until the flow crashes. I am trying for hours and don't get it solved... Please help me!

@Ricardo thanks for your help with my other "Fiber Stop" Problem. Obviously I still don't absolutely understand the functionality of the block "Fiber Stop" Block. It would be nice if you could explain it once again.

One more question... Is there any better way to ask for help, than like I did here?

Best regards and thanks in advance

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