🔋Battery Charge Alarm

by Fran T

Version 15 (March 18, 2022)

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A full-featured battery charge alarm. The flow sets off your choice of alarms when the battery reaches the charge level you set. You can also have it play a sound when the phone is plugged in. The alarms can be snoozed, resumed, or cancelled. Information about the charging duration, etc. is also shown.

- Features -

o Alarms
   o Play a sound, speak, vibrate, flash the flashlight, or any combination
   o Choose a sound to play when the phone is plugged in (also works with https://llamalab.com/automate/community/flows/37430)
   o Set how often alarms repeat
   o Unplug the phone or swipe away the notification to cancel the alarms
   o The Speech alarm reads out charge info
   o By default, alarms aren’t triggered while the phone is in Do Not Disturb mode, but you can choose any or all of them to still go off

o Notifications
   o Show information both during and after charging and perform additional functions
   o Information about when charging started, ended, and how long it took to charge is shown
   o Make info visible on the lock screen while the phone is locked (as it usually is while charging)
   o Cancelling (swiping away) a notification cancels the alarms, whether or not the alarm threshold has been reached
o Before the alarm level is reached, you can check the current charge level from the notification
   o When the alarm level is reached, you can snooze and resume alarms from the notification, and view the current charge level and info
   o Final charging information is shown when the phone is unplugged or the alarm is cancelled – pull down the notification to see additional info (this feature is convenient when you unplug the phone in the middle of the night and want to see the charge info in the morning)
   o If cancelled before the target charge level is reached, the summary notification will close automatically after a few seconds
   o The battery level shown in the notification is still updated while alarms are snoozed

o Demonstration mode
   o Used to simulate the settings and functions without having to plug and unplug your phone from a charger
   o Demo and Live mode settings are stored separately to make them more convenient to test with
   o Alarm sounds are the same for both modes

o Other
o The flow won't interfere with the phone's ability to go into sleep mode while charging
o An additional flow is provided so you can reset the preferences back to the defaults

o Removed alarm duration setting, improved default alarm sounds for Galaxy and Pixel devices
o Don't play plugged-in sound if device is muted
o Prevent crash if phone is plugged in during a call

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