Battery Overcharge Protection 🔌 [Arsenic]

by Aalok Sathe

Version 1 (March 27, 2016)

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Notifies you when your battery is charged and is still plugged in to avoid overcharge.

Overcharging your battery on many phones can lead to damage and reduced battery endurance. This means that as time passes your battery will start draining quickly and take more time to charge. To avoid this, be careful with your battery and avoid overcharge.

Since you don't really have any way of knowing what voltage your phone or computer was programmed to charge to, you can attempt to avoid a totally-charged state by stopping the charge at 80% or 90% to ensure you don't reach the point of oxidative instability.  Also, it is best not to leave the battery on the charger all day and all night because a cheap charger will continue to trickle current into the battery, but once all the transition metals are oxidized, the electrolyte or other organic components may begin to oxidize, hurting the battery life.  Expensive chargers will halt the current at a preset voltage.  It is usually not possible to tell which you have in your device.

Notification: this flow will prompt you to select an audio file on your sdcard or storage for it to play after attaining full charge. You can alternatively just join the Text-to-Speech block that I've configured but left unconnected to enable that.

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