Dynamically run Flow within Web dialog

by lighfu

Version 2 (September 23, 2020)

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Sample for linking Web dialog and Flow

This flow exchanges data with Flow "without closing" the Webview dialog.

With Dialog web open,
- Display toasts and file pickers.
- Get a list of files.
- Download and display images.



This flow allows you to dynamically execute a flow while keeping the 'web dialog' open.

One of the many examples of flow is inserting a query into a link.
However, this has a drawback: the 'web dialog' closes at the point of reading the result of the query.
This allows us to express a custom GUI, but when the query is read, the 'web dialog' is closed and looks bad.

This flow is a solution to this problem.

Now we are improving the scripting to make it easier to extend :)

add sample
log visual fix

Webview と Flow をリンクするためのサンプル

このフローはWebviewのダイアログを閉じずに、Flow と データのやり取りを行います。