📉Graphing 🖩Calculator (POC/Alpha)

by Ricardo Fernández Serrata

Version 1 (October 28, 2020)

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2D Real-Time Text-Based Graphing Calculator. Is capable of scanning/calculating a plane and drawing/printing its graph in real time and supports custom settings like resolution, line width, anti-aliasing width and scan offset. Currently it's an alpha version just because it's not user-friendly, but everything works fine.

One disadvantage of being Real-Time is that the performance is horrible, it literally works like a real printer. On Automate, trying to preload data doesn't make a big difference. If this preloaded the graph before printing, and everything runned on pure RAM and native binary code, it would be faster than any pixel-based graphing calculator (except 1-bit because this one is "2-bit").

Automate can't evaluate external input expressions, so the expression to graph must be specified inside the Write File block. The default expression here is 1/x. You can also try sin(x) or more complex stuff.

(This text you are reading will soon be replaced by better and more documentation. Sorry for the inconvenience 😕 I have a LARGE list of pending projects both on Automate, real life, and other areas)

Note: To view the graph, use a text viewer or editor that can disable text-wrap and has zoom capability or can change the font size. If the viewer fails to open the file, is because of Automate's protected storage, so send the log to your user storage for better compatibility.

POC = Proof of Concept

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