Auto Battery Charge Limit (V2)

by Sai Srikar Pandala

Version 2 (September 29, 2020)

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(All values are customisable)
1. Limit Battery Full Percentage.
2. Auto Shutdown at low battery.
3. Turn off charging when battery hot.
4. Shutdown when too hot.


Customisable Values in first column:

(All temperatures 🌡️ are in °C, sorry Fahrenheit folks, android and the rest of the world works in Celsius )

A. Set Variable "temp_hot"
(turns off charging when temperature is greater than this value).
Recommended value = 38 to 40

B. Set Variable "temp_tooHot"
(prompts to shutdown when temperature is above this value).
Recommended value = between 41 to 43

C. Set Variable "temp_normal"
(starts charging again when temperature is below this value).
Recommended value = between 35 to 37

D. Set Variable "capacity_max"
(stops charging after reaching this battery level value).
Recommended value = between 81 to 85

E. Set Variable "capacity_resume_after_max"
(starts charging again after battery drops below this value).
Recommended value = between 75 to 80

F. Set Variable "capacity_min"
(prompts to shutdown when battery level is below this value).
Recommended value = between 5 to 10.

Change the values that you like.
It is recommended to disable logging if the flow works correctly for you.
Pro is required as the number of blocks is high.
Root is required to disable charging and auto shutdown features.

If your battery doesn't charge after stopping the flow, just restart the flow. It will set charging to "enabled" in the first block.

Why limit battery level between 10% to 90%?
Batteries are prone to wear and tear like any material in this universe. Batteries tend to lose their "charge" holding capacity overtime. This is unavoidable but can be delayed for longer time. The main culprit here is the heat and over charging. If you are careful enough to stop charging after 80% or 90%, also not let your battery level drop below 10%, and also avoid charging when battery is hot, if you do all the above said, then this flow is not needed by you. Practically it is not possible to do all of that above manually, hence this flow helps automate everything that is said above. But unfortunately it requires ROOT access to do so.

It is recommended to charge your phone to 100% every once or twice a month. To do so, just stop the flow and let your device charge. I'll try to add the feature to do it automatically in the future versions.

This flow uses intelligent "Broadcast Receiver" feature to consume less resources and battery. It only proceeds when there is a change in battery percentage, or when the device is unlocked or when power source is plugged or unplugged , without compromise in functionality.

Kindly rate 5 stars if this helped you. Let me know about any bugs in the review, I'll read all the reviews and will try to fix the bugs.

Thank you!

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