an actually useful bixby button

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Version 5 (February 4, 2021)

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by using the "when alternative launch"-block "automate flow" appears like an app and can be selected being started by pressing the bixby-button (once or twice according to your settings).

you can select from all flows that contain the "alternative launch"-block but you can choose to start one by default.


this flow is initially set up with a dictionary of your favourite app-packages, files or flows uri and their to-be-displayed name and you can select it after pressing the button. this selection might be tidier that the flow-select-block as you preselect useful flows from your library, even without "alternative launch"-block. for example use your small flows like setting toggles or whatever. plus you can add files and apps making this flow some kind of a quickstart option for the most used tasks.

because of expectable permission issues files will be copied to a temporary directory that will be cleared on every loop.

this flow provides the blocks to handle supported types - not connected, just to choose and copy values to the list.

*update* paste clipboard to input since accessing clipboard suddenly directly requires root

inspired by to take advantage of the bixby button.