Advanced DND [Arsenic]

by Aalok Sathe

Version 2 (March 30, 2016)

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There are two threads in this flow.
BT starting the flow you can choose to start any one of them. It is recommended to start the 'auto' schedule sometime during the day and sit back as it works while you can use the manual short span as and when you need.

Auto schedule will switch off Bluetooth, WiFi while sleeping and turn it on next day before you wake up.🌛
Great to start of your day paired up with you smart watch/Bluetooth headset and connecting to the Wi-Fi router.
Also enables power saver during sleep hours.
Manual mode will prompt you to input a duration for which you want to enable Advanced DND mode. E.G. for 5 minutes 🕐

Note: 1) root permissions are required to control certain parts of the flow
2) airplane mode hasn't been included to avoid missing important calls, you can set it yourself if needed.

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